Terra Allegra

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The true "green", earth sustainable cookware alternative

Are you going “green”? Are you trying to give back to “Mother Earth” as she nurtures you while striving to offer your family the best, organic, wholesome and natural foods available? If so, then please take a moment to consider the importance of the cookware you use for preparation.
The 1870 Collection by Piral is a full line of Italian made, hand finished, terracotta cooking vessels made for use on stove-tops, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. It is the true "green” cookware product being sought by the consumer today. Simply, it is earth, stylishly formed by artisans. In the manufacturing process no harmful by-products are created unlike many types of metal pans. The 1870 Collections crystalline” easy clean, glass like finish made of furnace hardened, vitreous paste ensures that the cooking surface is virtually absent of toxins even when exposed to very high temperatures in sharp contrast to the finish of chemically coated pans which breaks down when heated. Many metal pans also react poorly when in contact with acidic foods like fruits and tomatoes or anything containing vinegar allowing leaching into your food. The 1870 Collection line of terracotta cooking vessels proves to be not only the safest possible cookware available but versatile and artistically pleasing as well. We at Terra Allegra feel that it “closes the circle” for the consumer of fresh and organic products who is now seeking safer alternatives to chemically coated or metal cookware. Begin today experiencing the “lifestyle benefits” of safe, earth-sustainable, cooking vessels born of “Mother Earth”.