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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Piral Terracotta Cookware from Terra Allegra Imports

Reviews of Terra Allegra’s “Cookware Of The Earth”

by admin on September 18, 2010
Find out what people are saying (click on hyperlink and click on reviews) about the finest new “green” cookware made in Italy of all natural raw materials. Now available in the US from Terra Allegra Imports. The people at Terra Allegra searched Italy for unique and versatile cooking and serving ware that would have great appeal. Beauty, light weight, easy clean, versatility and heat retention are just some of the many benefits you will experience using “Cookware Of The Earth, For The Earth” from Terra Allegra Imports. Give your self and your family the gift of “Green Cookware.”


“I love my beautiful red saucepan with the lid. It goes right from the stove to the table. Makes the simplest casserole looks like a Tuscan feast. It’s not just the “ta da” of opening the lid — but the how evenly it cooks and how warm it keeps the food. Grazie, Terra Allegra.”

“My Terra Allegra cookware is everything others reviewers have described and more. One of my favorite things about this cookware is how easily it cleans. Even baked on pasta come off with little effort.”