Terra Allegra

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Piral, Italian Made Terracotta Cookware

Piral Covered Casserole-Dutch Oven, 4.5 Quart, Earthy Orange

Il benessere nella sua forma migliore - Well being in its best shape ! 

Cooking and Serving with Terra Allegra's
Piral Italian Made terracotta (baked earth) is the preferred cookware
for safe non-metal preparation storage and presenting. Browse our pages,
discover the benefits, of cooking with clay,  baked earth. 
Piral terracotta cookware from Terra Allegra
has been made in Italy since before 1870.  Crafted  by a combination of
machinery and by hand into pleasing shapes sizes and vibrant colors the
(baked earth)  cooking vessels retain heat best and produce more
complex flavors for you, your family and friends.   You can proudly
present your favorite dishes from stove-top or oven to table in these
fine and beautiful pots and pans.  We invite and urge you to try
Authentic Italian Cooking Ware and feel that for a variety of reasons as
shown below it will become a favorite pan for many uses.